Flag of Australia


Food (particularly rice), Pokemon, MasterChef, being Asian.


Unlike everyone else on the Wiki, she is Australian. No one be jackin' her swag.


Franklin, the possesed goldfish, Gerald the now deceased goldfish and a victim of Franklin's cannibalistic curiosity, Taylor and Chey the diamond tetras, Halely the neon tetra and she also owns a currently nameless emu, koala and kangaroo (which she rides to school) in her backyard.


Defying stars on the moon whilst singing "Wendyyyyyyyyyyyy!".

Wendy is a smart Asian.

Her photo in her infobox seems to have

disappeared. Though the photo itself was

accurate representation of her

reaction to meeting Joe Brooks.

She does not love Dave.

and doesn't want to make babies with him.

That is all.

She also faps to short stack songs


Wendy's Future Husband aka. Joe Brooks. <3Edit



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