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This wiki makes no sense...Edit

THAT IS CORRECT SIR!!! But i like ponies and degrassi so i made it.

Its basically just a wiki of things i like, and randomness, anyone can edit, except DegrassiLover1234

wink wink. :O

Describe your topicEdit

i dont know, stuff about ponies and shit


1.) don't be assholes to eachother

2.) Shut up and listen to Pinkie Pie

3.) I am Palex, GOD of le Pony/Degrassi wiki

4.) Speak English

5.) Trolling is allowed on eclare pages ONLY

6.) I'm allowed to be biased as fuck, because i made this wiki

7.) Lady Gaga/ Pony or degrassi gifs are encouraged

but not forced because i know most of you steal your gifs like assholes.


Latest activityEdit

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